Hours & Availability

Monday-Friday: up to 7am-7pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8am-6pm (limited drop-off/pick-up hours)

Half Day also available Mon-Fri: up to 8am-1pm

*Any pick up after 1pm automatically incurs a Full Day DayCamp charge


*All pricing subject to change at any time without notice.

  • Half Day $18
  • Full Day $30 Mon-Fri, $50 Sat-Sun
  • Price includes sleeping quarters, and Group Play
  • Mental and Physical Enrichment can be added to your pets day – which means a fully customizable schedule and budget!
  • DayCamp packages available for discounted rates!


  • All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and Bordetella Vaccines (puppies under 6 months can be exempt for Rabies)
  • Puppies must have had 3 sets of vaccines (3 sets of Parvo/Distemper, 2 sets of Bordetella)
  • All services are by appointment/reservation only- deposits required for booking.

Our small facility’s specialty is Customizing your pet’s stay according to their needs!

Mental Enrichment Add-ons: $2-$5

Physical Enrichment Add-ons: $10-$20

  • Frozen Treat Toy- with tummy sage ingredients such as yogurt, applesauce, pumpkin, green beans, apples, bananas, peanut butter, etc
  • Puzzle Toy
  • Massage
  • Scent Games
  • Private Activity (15-20 mins for their favorite activity with a handler (anything from a mini sports session, mini training session, fetch, toy time, etc.)
  • FitPaws exercise
  • Coming soon -off property options: Pack walks, Private walks, Bike Rides & Group Hikes!

Make Their Day All-Inclusive!

For those pups who are busy bees, or curious to try new things, Give them the Best day with an All-Inclusive Upgrade! Upgrade includes Full Day Group Play, One Private Activity, a Midday Treat-Toy, Themed Photo Session, and Relaxing Brushing Session

Our facility is a small and intimate one. Our maximum number of pets per day is only about 30 (compared to many other facilities in our area taking over 100). This allows us to have smaller, safer playgroups and a dog-to-staff ratio of about 6-1 (compared to the industry standard of 15-1).

Our Typical Structured Day

It has been proven that a Structured Day helps dogs feel more at ease, feel more mentally fulfilled, and be more active throughout the day compared to a schedule where dogs stay in one play area all day.

7am: DayCamp dogs arrive, Group Play begins

9am: Playgroups rotate areas

11am: Mental Enrichment Activities begin

1pm: Naptime and/or Private Physical Enrichment Activities begin

3pm: Potty and/or Group Play resumes

5pm: Playgroups rotate areas

Discounts available for Senior Citizens, Veterans, Active Military, Workers in the Pet Care Industry, Employees of Animal Shelters, & Board Members of Non-Profit Pet Charities